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By air duct cleaning, we mean the cleaning of heating and cooling system components of forced air systems. And there are lots of them: the supply and return air ducts and registers, drip pans, grills and diffusers, fan motor, heat exchangers, fan housing and air handling unit housing, and heating, and cooling coils.

All of these make our life better but require maintenance. The components accumulate dust, pollen, and other debris as the air passes through them. A dirty and damp environment is perfect for bacteria and mold, which get in with the air. And cause respiratory diseases, allergies, asthma, and bad air in your house.

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How often should I have Air Duct cleaned?

We recommend cleaning the ducts once a year.
The longer the system is not serviced, the more hidden problems accumulate in it, which can be revealed during the next service. Clean and well-insulated ducts save up to 40% on gas bills in winter and electricity in summer by eliminating heat loss in the vent system.

Vents Cleaning

Vents are the parts of the air distribution system that provide airflow to the building. These are the areas of the air duct body where moisture condenses and dirt accumulates due to the excessive turbulence of air. We use brushes and vacuums along the whole length of the air duct to clean it, removing the contaminants that affect the quality of air in the building. Then we apply an organic, plant-based sanitizer to the air duct body to prevent a repeated accumulation of germs.

Main Duct Cleaning

The Main Duct can be accessed in several places, and all the accumulated dirt that affects the quality of air is removed. When cleaning the main duct, negative pressure is applied to extract large amounts of air to prevent a repeated dirt build-up in the vents that have already been cleaned. After that, all temporary orifices in the duct are sealed to prevent air leakage.

Unit Cleaning

The unit is responsible for cooling and heating the air, as well as moving it. Cleaning the unit includes cleaning the motor and the cooling coil. If the motor is clogged, and its rotating blades are dirty, the efficiency of airflow is decreased, which affects the energy efficiency of the entire system. Since the dirty motor moves all the air flowing through the system, the contamination will keep returning after cleaning the system. Cleaning the motor is a time-consuming process that requires partial disassembly of the unit and the removal of the motherboard.

Cooling Coil Cleaning

It’s the area where the moisture from the incoming air condenses, and contaminants accumulate.
Special equipment is used to clean the cooling coil, it’s necessary to access the most hard-to-reach areas, and then sanitize them. A clean cooling coil usually means improved airflow, no health-hazardous contaminants, and the overall better air quality in the building; a better air distribution.
It’s recommended to sanitize the cooling coil every spring to remove all dirt, mold and bacteria. To prevent leaks, we inspect the drain pan and drain line connected to the cooling coil — that’s where all the condensate from the house goes to. Professional equipment is used to clean the drain pan and the drain line as part of preventive maintenance.

Outside Condenser Inspection

A clogged condenser coil reduces the energy efficiency of the household cooling system. When the coil is blocked by debris, it can’t release heat effectively because the air flow is obstructed. This inefficiency forces the system to work harder and longer to cool down the house, resulting in increased power consumption and higher electricity bills.

Why some cleaning companies don’t clean well and clients don’t know it?

Cleaning the system is an effort-consuming and messy process, that’s why it’s always tempting to do it as fast as possible and move on to the next job (cutting costs and increasing profits). If the job’s been finished too quickly, it’s the first sign of an inadequately cleaned system. Another red flag – is an incomplete report or no report whatsoever.

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