Safe and Humane Bird Nest Cleaning Service

Ensuring your house is secure from nesting birds is a crucial aspect of home maintenance. We strongly recommend you have a bird guard installed before birds create a nest in vulnerable spots such as your dryer or chimney.

However, in the case of finding nests, you need to entrust the removal of bird nests to the professionals. The entire process needs to be carried out safely, respecting the needs of the birds and your home. So, what exactly does the bird nest cleaning service entail? 

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Signs You Might Have a Bird Nest in Your Home

Birds can be clever at finding hidden nooks for their nests. But if you suspect feathered friends have set up housekeeping in your Brooklyn home, here are some telltale signs to watch out for:

Unusual Noises: Chirping or fluttering sounds coming from your vents, soffits, chimneys, or eaves might indicate nesting activity.
Droppings & Debris: Bird droppings near vents, chimneys, or underneath eaves could be a sign of a nest nearby. You might also see bits of twigs, leaves, or feathers around these areas.
Blocked Vents: If airflow from your vents seems reduced or uneven, birds might have built a nest inside, blocking the passage.
Strong Musty Odors: A lingering unpleasant odor, particularly near vents or chimneys, could be caused by decomposing nesting materials or bird droppings.
Presence of Adult Birds: Observing birds frequently flying in and out of specific areas, especially early in the morning or during the evening, might indicate a nearby nest.

Inspecting for Birds: The first step in Professional Bird Nest Removal

Firstly, we conduct a thorough inspection of the nest. It’s vital for us to make sure there are no eggs or chicks inside to proceed with safely removing the bird nest from the house or vent.

Ensuring Safety: Equipping for Humane Bird Nest Removal

If the nest is fresh, our team equips themselves in light protective suits. These suits, coupled with masks and goggles, are necessary to shield us from possible parasites and pathogens.

Procedure of Bird Nest Removal from Vents or Other Locations

Bird nests tend to stick onto surfaces due to the birds’ waste products, which are highly corrosive. The procedure of bird nest removal from a dryer vent, chimney, roof or attic is therefore delicate, and our trained staff executes this with caution. 

We remove the nests from the outside, using tools like hooks, air-flow brushes and vacuum cleaners. 

Additional Thorough Cleaning after Nest Removal

Birds’ waste products may cause corrosion of the pipes. The nest “sticks” to the smooth surface of the pipe, which can rust to the point of perforation. That would require more time to clean up. We use metal brushes for thorough cleaning and remove all traces of waste products, to prevent future corrosion.

Bird Nest Removal and Prevention of Future Nesting

Bird nest removal service is the one that can be avoided if a bird guard is installed or it can be a recurring requirement given that birds tend to stick to the places they choose for nesting. Make the right choice for yourself and for the birds, please, install a bird guard.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a professional bird nest removal service that covers every aspect of the process.

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