The Importance of Installing a Bird Guard

People don’t often call us requesting a bird guard installation, be it a dryer bird guard or a chimney bird guard. Usually, their concern revolves around an existing nest. Of course, once the birds have vacated the nest, it can be removed. Needless to say, we are more than happy to assist with that through our professional bird nest removal service.

However, not only will you save yourself trouble and expense if you preventively install a dryer vent bird guard and/or a chimney bird guard, you will also avoid returning feathered visitors as once the birds choose a place for nesting, they tend to stick to it.

5 reasons Why You Need to Install Bird Guards:


Prevents dryer fires caused by lint build-up. 


Saves money on energy bills by ensuring proper dryer function.

To be Humane

Protects wildlife from nesting in dryer vents and chimneys.


Reduces need for frequent dryer vent cleaning


No more unwanted visitors! 


Get a 10% discount on your first service

Dryer Vent Bird Guard

With a dryer vent bird guard installed, your laundry chores become worry-free, and the risk of accidents involving nests in the dryer vent diminishes. 

We at MainDuct, take our work very seriously. All our dryer bird guards are made from high-quality, resilient metal. These bird guards don’t deteriorate under the sun or pose a fire risk like plastic guards, as they are designed to allow lint to pass through for efficient dryer functioning.

Our experts will treat your property with care and professionalism. Bird guard installation demands attention to waterproofing, a step we never ignore. We take all necessary precautions to protect your home.

Get in touch today and begin your journey to a more efficient and safe laundry routine.

A bird guard installation process is quick, often taking between 20 minutes to an hour. The one-time investment reaps great benefits in terms of savings and security.

dryer vent metal bird guard box

Chimney Bird Guards

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Chimney cap functions as a chimney bird guard. Chimney cap consists of a spark arrestor that reduces the number of sparks coming out of the flue, this part specifically, acts as a bird guard, and a cap that keeps water out of the chimney. 

Chimney caps are usually made of metal – either painted steel or stainless steel. Rarely, the ceramic chimney caps are being used as decorative elements of buildings. They do not have a coarse mesh, which means they can’t function as a bird guard.

Metal vs. Plastic Bird Guards: What’s the Difference

Plastic Bird Guards 

dryer vent plastic bird guard 1

Can melt or warp in extreme heat.

Don’t let lint through

Difficult to clean due to poor design.

May become brittle and break over time.


Metal Bird Guards 

dryer vent metal bird guard

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Durable and long-lasting.

circle check

Let lint pass through for efficient dryer operation.

circle check

Fire-resistant for added safety.

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Easy to clean and maintain.

Bird guard installation in Brooklyn

Frequently Asked questions about bird guard installation

Bird Guards for Dryer Vents: Why Install?

Birds might choose your dryer vent as their dwelling due to its warmth and protection from weather conditions. But these adorable intruders might be harming themselves and your vent.

Nest accumulation may clog the vent or cause a fire.
Installation of bird guards for chimneys and dryer vents is a considerate act, ensuring a balanced coexistence with wildlife while retaining the efficiency of your vent.

What is the best time to install a Bird Guard for my Dryer Vent or Chimney?

The ideal time to install an exhaust vent bird guard or a chimney bird guard is now!

Birds can nest in your dryer vents or chimneys all year round, primarily during the spring and summer months. By installing a bird guard before the nesting season begins, you can prevent any unwanted visitors from taking up residence in your home. In the case of nesting, removal and bird guard installation are recommended, after the birds vacate the nests.

How can I know when it’s time to clean or replace my dryer vent or chimney bird guard?

Several indicators suggest that it’s time to clean or replace your bird guard for the dryer vent.

1. Notice a peculiar smell from the vent possibly because of a blockage

2. If drying times seem longer than usual, lint or dust may have filled the bird guard 

3. Escalating electricity bills due to increased dryer energy consumption

4. If you’ve recently relocated or haven’t cleaned the bird guards in a while, proactive maintenance might be required.

High-quality bird guards ensure prevention from fire hazards due to lint accumulation, a decrease in energy costs by 40%, protection for wildlife, and save you the additional expense on frequent repairs or maintenance.