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    What We Do

    At MainDuct, we provide services for residential and commercial properties ensuring the highest quality standards. In addition to our deep-cleaning services, we are experts in duct replacement, installation, insulation, and detailed inspections.

    From rejuvenating your existing systems to setting up new, efficient ones, and ensuring they’re well-insulated for optimal energy consumption, we’ve got you covered. The list below is not exhaustive; we’re equipped to handle an array of tasks tailored to your specific needs.

    Our Services

    Dryer Vent cleaning Brooklyn

    Dryer Vent cleaning

    An essential service performed to mitigate the risk of fire hazards associated with lint buildup.

    Dryer Vent Installation in Brooklyn NY

    Dryer Vent Installation

    Professional installation or replacement of dryer vents ensures the proper functioning of your ventilation system.

    Bird guard Installation in Brooklyn NY

    Bird Guard Installation

    A preventative measure implemented to secure your dryer vent from bird and rodent intrusion, a common cause of vent clogging.

    bird nest removal brooklyn service 1

    Bird Nest Removal

    Removal of bird nests from vents eliminates blockages, diminishing the potential for fire hazards.

    air duct cleaning in Brooklyn NY

    Air Duct Cleaning

    This service is provided to foster healthier living conditions, improve air quality in your home and extend the lifespan of your ventilation unit.

    Air Duct Insulation

    Air Duct Insulation

    Insulation of your air ducts is performed to prevent leakage and mold growth, enhancing the system’s overall efficiency.

    Air Duct Sanitizing

    Air Duct Sanitizing

    This service is performed to further enhance air quality within your premises using a 100% organic sanitizer.

    Air Duct incapsulation NY

    Air Duct Sealing

    Sealing of air ducts is done to prevent inhalation of allergens and pollutants and increase energy efficiency of your HVAC system.

    Air Duct rotor Brush cleaning NY Brooklyn

    Air Duct Rotor Brush Cleaning

    This service ensures a thorough and effective cleaning of your air ducts.

    Cooling Coil Cleaning in Brooklyn

    Cooling Coil Cleaning

    Essential maintenance of the most vulnerable part of your AC system, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.

    Chimney Sweeping in Brooklyn

    Chimney Sweeping

    Regular sweeping helps maintain your chimney, reducing the risk of fire hazards and preventing structural damage.

    Chimney Inspection in Brooklyn NY

    Chimney Inspection

    In-depth inspections of your chimney are performed to identify potential issues, preventing costly repairs and helping you save on insurance premiums.

    Mini-Split Cleaning in Brooklyn

    Mini-Split Cleaning

    Mini-split cleaning refreshes your ductless AC system for cleaner air, better efficiency, and long-lasting performance.

    Air Duct Installation in Brooklyn

    Air Duct Installation

    Consider air duct installation if your home lacks existing ducts and you desire central heating and air conditioning throughout your living space.

    Thermostat Installation in Brooklyn

    Thermostat Installation

    Installing a new thermostat allows you to more precisely control your home’s temperature for increased comfort and potentially lower energy bills.

    Our Results

    Our Results


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    MainDuct provided services for 300+ households in NY and NJ

    Adherence to Safety Codes

    We operate in compliance with the safety codes required by New York City for these types of jobs. With a deep understanding of the construction and maintenance principles of ventilation systems, dryers, dryer vents, and chimneys, we recognize the utmost importance of a meticulous approach to the inspection and cleaning of your systems. Proper and timely maintenance is not just about function—it’s about safety and health.

    Safe Disinfecting Practices

    We exclusively use Botanical Plant-Based Organic Sanitizing products. When we detect mold spores in ventilation systems, it is our duty to eradicate them. Since you breathe through these ventilation systems, the use of chemical agents is not just inadvisable—it’s unacceptable. Unlike some others, we uphold this standard.

    Thorough Approach

    Many companies in New York strive to get the job done quickly to move on to the next project. However, in most cases, thorough system servicing takes time. When we find problems in dryer vents or chimneys, our job is to fix them and we get the job done even if the work takes up the entire day. We take responsibility for our work, so we do it well.

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