A MainDuct Case Study – Chimney Inspection Discoveries



In the bustling city of New York, maintaining the safety and efficiency of home systems is paramount for homeowners.

Today, we share a comprehensive case study of a recent chimney sweep and inspection, highlighting the issues regular maintenance may uncover and the expertise we bring to the table.

The Backdrop

Our team was called to service a chimney in Flushing, NY, a vital procedure given the city’s stringent fire codes and the inherent risks associated with neglected chimneys. 

Unveiling the Challenges

Upon a meticulous inspection and cleaning of the chimney, our experts identified several critical issues that would have remained uncovered had the client not ordered the service. 

The findings were significant and included compromised flue integrity and damaged chimney masonry.

Cracks in chimney

Chimney masonry damaged 

Moreover, we discovered gaps in the chimney crown, a partial closure of the liner, and a lack of a clean-out door for the boiler flue. Not only do these conditions pose a significant safety risk, but they also compromise the chimney’s efficiency and functionality.

The Outcome

A routine maintenance task such as chimney sweeping and chimney inspection may uncover issues that must be dealt with immediately.

This case serves as a compelling illustration of the complexities involved in chimney maintenance. It underscores the criticality of annual inspections and the need for expertise in diagnosing and rectifying issues that, if left unchecked, could lead to severe consequences. 

At MainDuct, we’re proud to provide our clients with comprehensive services that ensure their homes are safe, efficient, and compliant with all safety standards. Whether it’s the heart of winter or the peak of summer, our team stands ready to safeguard your home against hidden dangers, one inspection at a time.

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